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Kate Bauer Design is an interior design firm specializing in orthodontic + dental office interiors + branding. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, KBD offers creative + efficient design solutions for dental practices all over the United States.






Will you up-date / remodel your existing office or relocate?

There are timing + cost, pro's + con's to both, but KBD can advise you what is best for your new or existing practice.

Establish your Budget.

KBD can discuss with you, your needs + expectations in order to establish a realistic budget. She will also review with you other factors/costs to consider, so there are no "surprises" in the end or along the way. 

Space, flow + layout...what is most important to you?

Depending upon the square footage + space from which KBD has to work, some factors may have to be compromised. Discuss with KBD the appropriate amount of square footage prior to committing to a space. KBD also offers "test-fit" plans (TFP's) so you can see how your office would fit into a space you are considering to purchase or lease. TFP's are complimentary with a signed contract. Ideally, you'd like to have an office that strongly incorporates your needs for space, flow + layout.

Design + Bid + Build

Have a completed design prior to the bidding process + committing to a contractor. The fastest way to accumulate additional costs, time + complications is by not having your design completed prior to the bidding process. Contractors can bid your project more accurately with a complete set of plans.

Allow your project the appropriate amount of time.

Depending upon the type of project you plan to execute, projects can take anywhere from 4 weeks for an up-date, 6 months for a re-model or 1 year for a new building. Project time-tables vary. Kate Bauer Design can organize the appropriate schedule for your project.

Utilize your interior design specialist.

What is truly unique about Kate Bauer is that she has a background in interior architecture. She has the talent + knowledge to design from the outside-in or the inside-out. Her personal experience working + co-owning an orthodontic practice, along with her accomplished design experience, has given her the leading edge in the dental design market today. Because she specializes
in dental office design, you won't have to "teach" her about the way you practice. She understands what you need + is ready to design your office.


Project management bid by KBD:

You will be busy enough trying to run your existing practice or transitioning a "start-up"! In the words of my father-in-law (Dr. Joachim Bauer, orthodontist), "Ask me how I know." Having personally experienced a practice acquisition, buy-out + "start-up", I can tell you that you are going to want someone to assist you through the entire process. Kate Bauer Design can manage your project from start to finish to assure you that your project will be on time + on budget. From the very start, she will interview + assemble your design team to assure the highest-quality design for your design investment. Your contractors + design team will have many questions along the way, + Kate Bauer Design is your "go-to" contact. She will be sure to weed-out all the "unnecessaries", so that you can enjoy the practice transition.

How KBD Can Assist You With Your Project?

• Advise + evaluate the best location for your practice
• Interview + assemble your design team 
• Obtain additional resources such as leasing agents, funding, marketing + practice management consultants 
• Establish your budget 
• Set project priorities + schedule 
• Administer permitting 
• Select your finishes + find your practice identity 
• Manage your project

List of Services:

• Ground-Up Construction + Remodeling + Up-dates 
• On-site Evaluation + Program Analysis 
• Space Planning 
• Interior Finish Selection + Palettes 
• Plumbing + Lighting Specifications 
• Custom Cabinetry Design 
• Complete Design Development 
• Art + Accessory Packages 
• Furniture Procurement + Purchasing 
• Budget Estimations 
• Bid Reviews 
• Contractor + Architect Interviews + Selection 
• Construction Documents 
• Equipment Evaluation + Coordination 
• Project Management 
• OSHA, HIPPA + ADA Compliant Designs 
• Identity Branding + Marketing Materials (Logos, Stationery, Signage)




Kate has specialized in orthodontic + dental office interiors + branding since 2009. Prior to starting her design firm, Kate worked for numerous world renowned architecture firms specializing in workplace, hospitality + healthcare. Kate’s experience has given her an understanding of office financials + procedures, working/operating conditions, marketing, office flow + patient/family care. Her personal experience working + co-owning an orthodontic practice, along with her accomplished design experience, has given her the leading edge in the dental design market today. Outside her professional accomplishments, Kate enjoys spending time with her husband Dr. Matthew J. Bauer (orthodontist) + their two daughters. Kate comes from an extended “dental family” of orthodontists + general dentists + is passionate about the dental office design!


Kansas State University . College of Architecture, Planning + Design

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Bachelor of Interior Architecture (BIA)


• Bentel + Bentel, New York
• Gensler, California
• Gettys, Chicago
• Archimages, St. Louis




5377 Highway N, Suite 103, Saint Charles, MO 63304


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